Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Easy Garlic & Dill Pickles

We went to my parent's house in Spokane over Labor Day weekend, and ended up coming home with two giant bags of garden bounty. My parent's neighbor called and told my mom and I to come over and pick from her garden. Holy cow this garden was huge! She had zucchini, crookneck squash, two kinds of cucumbers, spaghetti squash, winter squash and green beans. My mom and I both picked to our hearts content and after we got back home, she gave me her entire bag of produce. So needless to say, I came home with more produce than I knew what to do with! I don't like eating the same thing, the same way all of the time so I decided to make a few jars of pickles out of some of the cucumbers I got. I had everything on hand, aside from the dill. These literally took minutes to throw together, and they were ready in 24 hours!

These are some of the tastiest pickles I've ever had! I prefer Claussen pickles, you can find them in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. They are super crisp and crunchy. These homemade pickles are just like the Claussen's, being perfectly crisp and crunchy. It's just the right amount of sugar, not making them overly sweet, you just get a hint of sweet. I didn't have coriander seeds called for here, but I've seen other recipes call for mustard seeds so I just used those. I also don't think the cucumbers I had were the kirby variety, but since they were so small I used them and had no problems! I imagine you could cut the cucumbers any way you want to. If I had thought about it more, I would have sliced them into planks (lengthwise). Those are perfect for sandwiches. But I suppose you could cut them into rounds as well. Totally up to you!

One more tip for you. If your cucumbers start to go limp, cut them into your desired shapes then soak them in ice water for an hour and they'll be as good as new! So if you've got cucumbers coming out of your ears and don't know what to do with them, try making some of these delicious pickles!

Easy Garlic and Dill Pickles adapted from a Couple Cooks

Recipe fills a one quart jar of pickles

What You Need
1 quart mason jar with lid
12 ounces of kirby cucumbers (about 6 small cucumbers)
3 cloves garlic
8 sprigs fresh dill
1 tablespoon coriander seeds (I used mustard seeds)
1 tablespoon sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons kosher salt
2/3 cup white vinegar
1 cup water

What To Do

1  Wash the mason jar and lid in hot soapy water, rinse, and let air dry.

2  Quarter the cucumbers into four slices each, lengthwise. Cut the garlic cloves in half.

3  In an extra mason jar or covered container, combine 1 tablespoon coriander seeds, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 1/2 tablespoons kosher salt and 2/3 cup white vinegar. Tightly close the lid and shake vigorously until the sugar and salt dissolve. Add 1 cup water to the mixture.

4  In the clean mason jar, tightly pack the sliced cucumbers, sliced garlic, and 8 sprigs of fresh dill.

5  Pour the brine mixture over the cucumbers. Tap the jar on the counter to release any air bubbles and top off the jar with extra water if any cucumbers are exposed.

6  Place the lid on the jar and screw on the ring until it is tight. Leave the jar in the fridge for 24 hours before tasting. The pickles last up to one month refrigerated (but they won’t stick around that long in our house).

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