Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where We're Headed

Since taking a couple of months off from writing, I've decided to get a little more focused and organized when it comes to the posts. I've had a few ideas bouncing around, and I think I've found something that encompasses what I want to express and share with you, my reader! At our house, I'm all about frugal living, DIY anything, eating natural/organic with little processed food and being crafty! So those are the things I'm going to be sharing here, just a little more organized :) I'm going to give a new outline a try, and I'm hoping it'll keep me flowing better with posts. So here's what we're going to try:

Monday = Meatless Monday- I'll be sharing meatless recipes with you each Monday. You'll love this because it's a great way to stretch your grocery budget. And don't worry, it's not all beans and tofu ;)

Tuesday = Recipes

Wednesday = Weekly Deals - I'll be sharing the best deals for natural/organic foods our local grocery stores have on sale for the week

Thursday = Thrifty Thursday- I'll be sharing tips, projects, ideas and recipes that will help you to save a few bucks

Friday = Recipes

Saturday & Sunday = No posts

 The blog is still heavy on the recipes because let's face it, I started this because of my love for cooking and wanting to share it with you all! Wednesday's post will be lite because we have church twice that day, and it tends to be a busy day with our family. Weekends will also be taken off because it's family fun time! :)

So there you have it, this is what you can expect from me in the coming weeks. Stay tuned next week for the new format change!

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