Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Deals 02/08

Hey ya'll, sorry this is coming so late. We've had a crazy two days around here with our little lady getting sick, and a long trip to the doctor. Soooo better late than never, right? Thanks for understanding :)

This is our first week of Weekly Deals. My goal here was to share natural/organic deals around the Seattle area, as well as any deals online. One thing I want to mention here is I'll be sharing deals on the "Clean 15" fruits and vegetables. I'm going to tell you more about the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 tomorrow. Not everything on the Weekly Deals list will be organic, but if it's not organic, it'll will: have little to no preservatives, be on the Clean 15 list (or close to it), if it's dairy it will not be treated with rbST growth hormones, if it's meat it will not be treated with antibiotics or hormones and vegetarian fed. If something is organic, it will be labeled as such. If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know :) 
So here's this week's Weekly Deals!

TOP Food & Drug - Prices good 02/08 to 02/14

Locally Grown Draper Valley Farms Fresh Chicken Whole Fryer, $.99 lb
Wild Caught Oregon Shrimp Meat, $4.49 lb
Wild Caught All Natural Scallop Meat, $4.99 lb
Mangoes, $.78 each
Green Cabbage, $.38 lb
Locally Grown Yellow Onions, $.19 lb

QFC - Prices good 02/08 to 02/14

Locally Grown Draper Valley Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts, Buy 1 Get 1 Free (Save up to $7.49 with card)
Wild Caugh Copper River Sockeye Salmon Filets, $9.99 lb
Organic Ground Beef, $5.99 lb
Coleman Organic Whole Fryer, $2.79
Wild Caught Snow Crab Sections, $5.99 lb
Certified Wild American Shrimp, $10.99 lb
Wild Caught Rockfish Fillets, $5.99
Foster Farms Ground Turkey Breast, $5.99 per 20oz package
Organic & Locally Grown Braeburn, Cameo or Fuji Apples, 10 lb for $10
Horizon Organic Milk, select 8oz singles, 10 for $10
Locally Grown Whole White or Crimini Mushrooms, $2.99
Fresh Asparagus, $2.99
Organic Blueberries, 6oz, 2 for $6
Organic Private Selection Organic Romaine Hearts, 3ct, 2 for $6
Organic Large Haas Avocados, 2 for $4
Organic Minneolas or Navel Oranges, $1.49 lb
Organic D'Anjou or Bosc Pears, $1.29
Nature's Path Organic Cereal, Bars or Toaster Pastries, 2 for $5
Luna or Luna Protein Bar, 10 for $10
Tom's of Maine Deodorant or Toothpaste, 40% off
Silk PureAlmond Milk, $2.99

Albertson's - Prices good 02/08 to 02/14

Wild Caught North Atlantic Lobster Tails, $4.69 3 days only, with coupon from ad
Fresh Red Grapefruit, $.69 lb
Wild Caught Fresh Whole Dungeness Crab, $6.99 lb
Good Earth Organic Tea Bags, 18ct select varieties, $3.99
Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips, 5.5oz select varieties, 2 for $5
Fresh Asparagus, $2.99 lb
Fresh Yellow Onions, 3lb bag, $1.49

Safeway - Prices good 02/08 to 02/14

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Filets, $8.99 lb
Yellowfin Ahi Tuna Steaks, $8.99
Fresh Asparagus, $1.99
Foster Farms Ground Turkey Breast, 20oz package, Buy 1 get 1 free, save up to &7.99 on 2
Foster Farms Whole Cut Up Chicken, $1.99 lb
Foster Farms Fresh & Easy Boneless Skinless Chicken, $4.49 (or Tenders, thin sliced or marinated selection $4.99lb)
O Organics Italian Soda, 1 liter, $2.99
Organic Minneolas, $.99 lb
Organic Haas Avocados, 2 for $3

Hope you enjoy these deals, and are able to utilize them! ;)

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