Thursday, October 6, 2011

An updated makeup look/My Face by Ja

Let's begin with how this all started... Every May, my church does a huge women's event called Cherish. It's a fashion show/dessert or breakfast/theater production. This year, my very good friend Laura was one of the models in the fashion show, and she asked if I would help her change in and out of her different outfits. I agreed, knowing I was helping her, and it would be fun to be a part of what happened backstage. When I arrived to help her with the Friday evening performance, all of the models were getting finished with their hair and make up (all being done by professional hair and makeup gurus), and Laura asked if I wanted to get my make up done too. Um, who would say no to that?! I actually HAD put makeup on that day, but looking back at the picture on the right, you wouldn't know it.

So I sat down with our friend and makeup artist Jamyrlyn, and we chatted while she went to work on my face. In a matter of minutes, I went from looking somewhat haggard, to glowing and radiant. I felt amazing! Jamyrlyn has a makeup business, Faces by Ja, so I asked if she'd teach me how to improve my makeup skills and help me shop. It took a couple of months for us to get it on the books, but last week I packed up all of my makeup and makeup brushes and met up with her at her house.

Currently, the majority of makeup I use is Bare Minerals, with a few pieces of MAC thrown in. I brought every pieces of makeup I have, so Jamyrlyn could assess what I had, and still needed to buy. I also asked her to give me some good drugstore makeup recommendations. Sometimes, it's nice to have some makeup options that don't cost a fortune! We decided to start with a look I could do on a day to day basis, then she built the look up from there to a gorgeously-dramatic-night-on-the-town-without-kids look. *wink, wink*

Jamyrlyn has a fun and sweet personality, and made me feel at home immediately. She also assured me right away that I had a really great makeup stock already, and that with a few extra pieces I'd be complete. I do have quite a few eyeshadows... Admittedly, I went a little crazy one time at the Bare Essentials store, and bought a lot of colors. One of the was a green pallet that was supposed to make blue eyes pop. Well, I got it home and even though there was instructions on the box, I had no idea what I was doing. So into the drawer it went. That was three years ago. Oops. Anyway, Jamyrlyn loved it the pallet and started to build my look around those four green shadows.

The first thing she said I must do is use a moisturizer. It sets the stage for makeup to go on smoothly. Then she talked about how important it was to have a good concealer. I have dark circles under my eyes, doesn't matter how much sleep I get, they're always there. She recommended a Maybelline or Covergirl Cream Concealer for that. She applied that to areas that needed it, including eyelids! 

From here, she did my eyeshadow. She stressed the importance of a base color eyeshadow. Whether or not you're doing full makeup, you should always have a base. The green color pallet I had came in four colors. Three shades of green, and a dark brown used for eye liner. She used the lightest green as my base color, then began to build some amazingness! She put the lightest green on the innermost corner of my eyelid, then the medium green in the middle, with the darker green on the outside of my eyelid. She used the brown as a crease color, as well as my eye liner, blending the colors together the entire time. Blending is a MUST. She also taught me a trick about mascara... I have fairly long lashes, so no matter how careful I am when applying makeup, I always get it on my freshly shadowed eyelids, and it smears when I try to get it off. Jamyrlyn told me that if I let it dry for a few minutes, it will flake off rather than smear. This also works if your lashes clump together when you're putting that on. Let it dry for a few minutes, and you'll be able to comb through them and not make them stick together more. Genius! Another "must" for me, Jamyrlyn said was brow gel. It just helps to keep them tame, and stand out a little more. And in my opinion, looks more natural on me than using a brow pencil. I've not had good luck with those things in the past.

Before Jamyrlyn, when I'd do my make up it went like this: Foundation, concealer, blush, powder, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara. Jamyrlyn does: Concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara foundation, bronzer, blush, powder. With her way, you're not messing up your face makeup as you apply your eye makeup. Again, genius! After we finished my basic, and one-step-up eye shadow we moved onto the face portion of the makeup tutorial. She applied my foundation, then talked about how everyone needs bronzer. It wakes up your face. She it on in a "C" shape from my forehead to my cheek bones, as well as the tip of my nose and my chin. You basically put it where the sunshine would hit your face. Pretty simple. Then you can apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, or all the way up your cheek bones, depends on how dramatic you're trying to be. I usually stick with the apple of my cheek.

From here, I could definitely be good to go. But we wanted to try one more dramatic look. The gorgeously-dramatic-night-on-the-town-without-kids look I mentioned before. All we did was add some black eye shadow to the outer crease of my eyelids, as well as some black eye liner to the top and bottom water line of my eye lids. Then she asked me wore on my lips. I sheepishly replied, "chap stick" and she kinda laughed at me. I haven't bought lip color (other than at my wedding) since high school, and makeup trends have changed since then, so I never know what I should buy or what would look good on me. She first put a poppy coraly color on me that looked really pretty, but I wasn't ready for something that bright, so she gave me a lighter pinky gloss that was a good first step.

Needless to say, when we were all done I once again felt beautiful and amazing! I also wished I had somewhere more glamorous to go than the grocery store. Oh well. At least now I know how to recreate these looks on my own, and I can always call Jamyrlyn if I need some help. She really is fantastic, knowledgeable and is a great teacher. You can check out her blog, Facebook or Twitter. If you're in the Seattle/Tacoma area, and need help with your makeup, or need a professional (she's been in the cosmetics industry for 12 years and in makeup artistry for 8 years doing freelance work) for your wedding, school dance, event or photo shoot, give her a shout! Thanks again Jam, for helpin' a girl out, you are amazing!! Stay tuned for a part two at some point in the coming weeks when Jam and I go makeup shopping! Whoo! P.S. please ignore my strait faced pictures, you could see the makeup better that way. I really am a happy smiley person, just ask Jamyrlyn about making "my face", I could barely keep from laughing while she snapped the pictures! Alright then, signing off for now, I'll see you tomorrow for a post about baked oatmeal. Be excited, cause it's delicious ;)

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